Developing Elite Pitching Performance

Learn What it Takes to Safely and Effectively Enhance Your Pitching Performance


In order to become an elite level baseball pitcher, there are many areas you must focus on during your development. It's not as easy as it seems on some people's Instagram accounts. You can't just perform one magical "velocity" program, use one magical training aid, or perform one magical pitching drill.

We all wish it were that simple.

In reality, there are four main "buckets" of elite pithing performance:

  • Physical Maturity - Each athete develops at their own pace. It's tempting to try to cut corners, but by focusing on the wrong thing when you are still developing is often unsucessul and can lead to injury. Knowing what to focus on based on your level of maturity is key.
  • Strength and Conditioning - The foundation of every great pitcher is a base of solid strength and conditioning. But not every strength program is optimal for getting the most out of baseball pitchers. By focusing on developing complete athleticism, lower body strength and linear and rotational power, you can easily enhance your velocity and performance.
  • Arm Care - If the body develops the force when throwing, the arm must control the force. A solid arm care program is part of every Major League Baseball pitcher's routine, yet often ignored in younger athletes. In order to reduce injury rates and remain at peak performance, you must have a solid arm care program in place.
  • Throwing and Mechanics - Notice how throwing is last? Without the 3 buckets above in place, it won't matter how good your mechanics are or what throwing program you follow. But you can work on developing sound pitching mechanics and learn how to pitch using multiple pitches, location, sequencing, and movement. Then, when you've optimized yourself, we can work on advanced techniques to improve velocity, like long toss and weighted balls. But these programs must be individualized for you.

Most pitchers pick one, maybe two, of these buckets to focus on, but in order to really take it to the next level, you must focus on all four.


Frankly, there is a lot of garbage on the internet right promising unrealistic gains.

We want to fix that.

Our goal is to give you the key information needed to take your pitching to the next level. The Developing Elite Pitching Performance program is an recording of a recent event featuring some of the best baseball experts in the game right now. We've worked with everyone from Little League players to MLB Cy Young and World Series Champions from every team.

We gathered at Mike Reinold's facility in Boston, MA, Champion PT and Performance, to film the event, which is now available as an online educational program. The entire program includes over 6 hours of presentations and live demonstrations

You'll get trustworthy and actionable information that has been used to develop countless professional baseball pitchers.

Here's just some of the things you'll learn:

  • The key areas to focus on to become an elite level baseball pitcher.
  • What to focus on when performing a baseball strength and conditioning program.
  • The key exercises in an arm care program that you need to perform to stay healthy and remain at peak performance all season.
  • How to develop safe and powerful throwing mechanics using effective drills.
  • How to truly learn how to pitch effectively, instead of just throwing a ball.
  • How to safely and effectively maximize your velocity
  • What it truly takes to make it to the next level


The Developing Elite Pitching Performance program is geared towards baseball pitchers of all levels. Parents and coaches will also learn and be able to apply the information to their teams, and rehabilitation and fitness professionals will benefit from understand how they can better help develop baseball pitchers.

If you are serious about taking your pitching to the next level, you are not going to want to miss the Developing Elite Pitching Performance Program.

"I was excited to get ahold of the Developing Elite Pitching Performance program, and the program has exceeded my lofty expectations! The video presentations are very good in terms of production quality; What sets this program apart for me is the value and quality of information in each of the eight videos. In my opinion, Developing Elite Pitching Performance is exactly on point. Reinold, Pourciau, Wheeler, Blewett, and Reddick are some of the key voices out there today and the content they deliver in this program is a must-watch for pitchers and coaches who are serious about reaching their baseball goals."

- Roy Riley, Owner, Roy Riley Baseball, Edmonds, WA

"I just want to say thank you for putting together this program. As a doctor who see's some of these injuries from Baseball and also a parent with a child in Youth Travel Baseball, this program is vital to getting the proper information to keep these players healthy. There is so much bad advice out there today that people are buying that I Highly Recommend every Parent /Coach/Player us this as a guide of what they should be doing."

- Kenneth Campo, Brooklyn, NY

Watch the Introduction

Course Chairman, Mike Reinold, discusses the Developing Elite Pitching Performance program, why the information is so important, and speakers involved in the program.


We've put together an all-star lineup of speakers from around the country with decades of experience in developing elite pitchers.
mike reinold elite pitching performance seminar

MIKE REINOLD, Course Chairman

Champion PT and Performance, Waltham, MA

Mike Reinold is considered one of the leading experts in baseball performance and injury rehabilitation, having worked with baseball players from Little League to Cy Young and World Series Champions. After working for Dr. James Andrews at the American Sports Medicine Institue, Mike was the Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist of the Boston Red Sox. He has since opening up Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Waltham, MA to provide the same level of elite performance training and rehabilitation.

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dan blewett elite pitching performance seminar


Warbird Academy, Normal, IL

Dan is a former professional baseball pitcher and current owner of Warbird Academy, a baseball training facility in Illinois, and the Warbird Senators travel baseball team. Dan is the author of the book "Pitching Isn't Complicated" and the popular baseball podcast "Dear Baseball Gods."

Learn More at

Brent Pourciau elite pitching performance seminar


Top Velocity

Brent is a former professional baseball pitcher and owner of Brent's popular 3X Velocity Camps focus on developing sound mechanics and power through the throwing motion. He shares is knowledge through his popular website, videos, and podcasts.

Learn More at

paul reddick elite pitching performance seminar


Paul Reddick Baseball

Paul is the director of the Yogi Berra Museum Baseball Camp and owner of He is a past scout and coach in progessional baseball. His website, 90 MPH Club pitching course, and The Picture Perfect Pitcher book, have helped thousands of baseball pitchers improve their game. He's now focused on help players take it to the next level and helping parents have stronger relationships with the sons.

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lantz wheeler elite pitching performance seminar


The Baseball Think Tank

Lantz is the founder of The Baseball Think Tank, inventor of the Core Velocity Belt, and baseball coach to hundreds of players through his camps and training programs that focus on developing sound and efficient mechanics.

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Rapsodo and Motus

Also included is a bonus live demonstration of how to use the Rapsodo and Motus technology to easily measure spin rate, spin efficiency, horizontal and vertical movement, and stress on the throwing elbow.

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