Jaeger Year Round Throwing Manual

Throwing Programs for the Offseason, Inseason, Summer, and Rest Periods

Jaeger Year Round Throwing Manual

The Jaeger Year Round Throwing Manual is designed to give players, parents, and coaches a plan of action to not only optimize health, strength, endurance and recovery of the arm, but to gain insight into how to best "navigate" the four major seasons or periods throughout the year (Off Season, In Season, Summer Months, Rest Periods).

One of the primary goals of every athlete is to optimize their skills and abilities. In baseball, there is not a more important skill than throwing. For starters, if you can't throw, you can't play. But throwing is more than just staying injury free. The goal of every baseball player should be to find out "what's" in your arm, and "what" it is capable of doing.

Our "Year Round Throwing Manual" is designed to give players, coaches and parents a plan of action to find this out by not only optimizing the Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period of the arm, but to gain insight into how to best "navigate" the four major seasons or periods throughout the year (Off Season, In Season, Summer Months, Rest Periods).

Based on 25 years of experience, our step by step approach will clearly lay out a plan that takes the guess work out. By understanding, strategically, "when" to start your Throwing Progression, "how" to best Build Up and Maintenance your arm, "when" (and how long) to Rest, and "how" to best navigate the Summer Months, this Year Round Throwing Manual provides a plan that makes sense and is easy to follow...a plan that gives you clarity and confidence as you make your way through each period or season.

This is best accomplished by understanding a few of our most essential principles up front, namely: 1) That all arms are unique, 2) The importance of "listening to the arm" and allowing it to dictate what it needs from day to day, 3) The positive effects on an arm (Health, Strength, Endurance, improved Recovery Period) by throwing more, rather than less, and 4) The importance of Arm Care and Long Toss.

Finally, you will also find an Addendum section at the end of the Manual that addresses a number of additional topics, including: the Mental Side of Throwing, Pitch Counts, Rehabilitation Protocols, Inclement Weather (Indoor) Training, and Protecting Your Arm as you move forward in your career.

It's simply amazing what our bodies (arms) are capable of doing if there is a clear and direct intention toward training, along with a map that gives us the guidance to best navigate that path.

This Manual was written with this in mind. — Alan Jaeger

Your Instructor(s)

Alan Jaeger
Alan Jaeger

Alan founded Jaeger Sports on the principle that athletes need to develop both their physical and mental skills in order to be successful in game situations. As a result, Alan wrote the Mental Training Book, "Getting Focused, Staying Focused". Along with his partner Jim Vatcher, Jaeger Sports then created the DVD "Thrive On Throwing 2", which takes players through Jaeger Sports' signature J-Band and Long Toss Throwing Program, and the "Year Round Throwing Manual", which is a guide to help players best "navigate" the four major periods or "seasons" (Off-Season, In-Season, Summer, Rest) throughout the year.

What Do People Have to Say About the Jaeger Sports Programs?

"The J-Band is a great tool for building and maintaining arm strength through the duration of a long season. I have been using the J-Band for the past three seasons, and have noticed a significant difference in my velocity and arm strength. I also notice the difference going in to the later months of a season, as my velocity has not dropped from the beginning of the season."

Clayton Kershaw, Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers, 2011,2013, 2014 Cy Young Award Winner, and 2014 MVP Award Winner

"The Hamels Foundation is excited to partner up with Jaeger Sports and their Arm Strength and Conditioning Program. Health, Strength, Endurance and Recovery Period are a priority to any players arm and that's why we've made the J-Band Program an integral part of our Pitching Camps.

Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies, 2008 World Series MVP, Hamels Foundation PItching Camps

"We would go out to Pierce Junior College and long toss and just have a good throw - I still do that in between starts and even before I start. I've taken this program and molded it into my own and still use it to this day."

Dan Haren, Pitcher, Florida Marlins, All Star, 2007-2009

When I realized that I left my J-Bands in Tampa Bay I immediately had another pair shipped to me overnight in Colorado -- that's how much I value my J-Bands and how important they are to the health, strength and endurance of my arm.

Matt Garza, Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers, 2008 ALCS MVP

"Jaeger Sports has a passion for keeping arms healthy"

Jon Daniels, General Manager, Texas Rangers

“Jaeger Sports has shaped the foundation of our pitching philosophy here at Vanderbilt with J-Band work and Long Toss principles. These 2 areas are implemented into each individual’s routine and the pitchers are passionate about both. Because of this I believe these 2 areas are crucial to the individual development of each pitcher”

Scott Brown, Pitching Coach, Vanderbilt University, 2014 National Champions

"With over 20 years of experience of coaching pitchers at the collegiate level, I have used different programs throughout the years. But for the past two years, we have used the Jaeger Bands and Long Toss Throwing Program on a daily basis. This program allows our pitchers to stay “healthy”, improve their individual development and build confidence. People ask all the time, “how and why can your pitchers throw every day", and our response is because “WE CAN”. Part of our pitching success over the past years is a direct correlation with this system."

Butch Thompson, Head Coach, Auburn Baseball

"I feel strongly about the Jaeger Sports' Long Toss Long Throwing Program -- nothing prepares a thrower for the exact loads of baseball except throwing maximally, and nothing provides the high level feedback of a well-constructed long toss program. I believe Jaeger Sports has spent as much focused time designing and observing athletes’ long toss program as anyone in baseball and at P3 we consider them a definitive ‘hands-on’expert."

Marcus Elliott, MD, Director, P3 Applied Sports Science, Director of Sports Science and Performance, Seattle Mariners

"J-Bands are the foundation of our throwing program and allow us to prepare for and play long toss without limitations. The significance of them and their development of our players cannot be overstated. They are THE tool that is necessary to prepare for all arm related activities. I can only imagine the impact they have across all sports."

Nate Yeskie, Pitching Coach, Oregon State University, National Champions 2006 and 200

"Jaeger Sports and the J Bands have always been a big part of our program. Their insight on how to prepare an arm and how to maintain an arm is exceptional. All of our pitchers follow the band program daily and it has really helped our pitcher's performance."

John Savage, Head Coach, UCLA Baseball, 2013 National Champions

"It was very easy for me to become a fan of the Jaeger Sports' throwing program. In my mind, the most appealing feature of the program is that it allows the player to be intuitive with his arm and throwing - a lost art in today's game. The program gives the thrower the ability to measure his progress day to day, week to week, and season to season - what more could you ask for in a throwing program?"

Derek Johnson, Pitching Coach, Milwaukee Brewers

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